In the teambuilding-challenge we have collected simple, tricky and fun activities that can be performed separately or combined with each other. A perfect activity to stretch your legs during the coffee break or as a half-day activity with a greater competition where you get clues or codes after the different stations are completed.

We can customize this activity to your needs.

Choose several games such as Balloon-game, Conepotato, Walk the plank, Team-shooting, Ski jumping, Throwing water, Darktrain, Giant labyrinth, Bridge building, Tandem ski, Treadmill, Spider web, Rope in the box, The orange, Nail in the coffin and Blind-walk.

Duration: 10 minutes – 4 hours

Other: Suitable as a complement to other activities

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions

Location: This activity is completely mobile and can be arranged anywhere

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