Stand Up Paddleboard

A perfect experience and exercise activity where you float along Lake Storsjön or other watercourses. We will first run a course where we go through various steps to get familiarized with the board and then paddle along the beach. If you would like more speed and action, we can arrange a race around some buoys. We will paddle primarily in Västbyviken or Kungsgårdsviken and if the weather is clear we might go around Bynäset.

Duration: The guided tour takes about 2 hours, the race takes about 20 minutes

Other: Life jacket included, you have the ability to rent a wetsuit too. This activity is weather- and wind sensitive

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions and clothes that can withstand water if you don´t rent a wetsuit

Location: Lake Storsjön and Kungsgårdsviken or other suitable water

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