Snow Quad Safari

Take your colleagues out in the wilderness and try something new this winter! With our Snow Quads (quad bikes equipped with a snowmobile track) we travel comfortably through the winter landscape and enjoy the scenery, the views and the community. Of course, we stop for a lovely outback-picnic (or outdoor lunch) during the tour. In larger groups or if someone in the company doesn´t want to drive by their selves, we can connect comfortable sleds behind our Snow Quads and then everyone can come along on the adventure. In addition to the driving itself, the focus is equally on having a nice time together. Helmets are included and warm clothes, gloves and snowmobile boots are available for rent on site. To be able to drive yourself on the snow quad, a B – license (driving license) is required.

Duration: Approx. 1.5 – 2 hours

Other: Coffee is included. This activity fits most groups

Own equipment: Suitable warm clothing depending on weather conditions. (Snowmobile overalls, boots and gloves can be rented.

Location: Hotel Åre Continental Inn

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