Crazy Wintergames

Bring back your childhood mind and spice up with some competition, that is the concept of the fun games of Östersund Crazy Wintergames. We adapt according to group and you decide for yourself where the emphasis should be on the scale between fun and contest. It is often the simplest games that are most fun and we focus on that. With us everyone can join in and have fun in the snow! Examples of multiple games are alpine bowling, alpine curling, mini-biathlon, sled race, snowracer race, snowball war, snowsurfing, snow golf, avalanche search, bum sled and snowshoe. The competitions can either be individual or team based.

Duration: About 1 – 2 hours for a triathlon or a pentathlon

Other: Suitable for most groups, no prior knowledge required

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions

Location: Frösö Park activity center

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