Stand Up Paddleboard

A fantastic experience where you can float on lake Storsjön. We will paddle along the beach and do some stops along the way. If you would like more speed and action we can arrange a race around some buoys. We will paddle primarily in Kungsgårdsviken but if the weather permits we are happy to go round the whole of Bynäset.

You choose yourself if you want to paddle together on our MEGA SUP (maximum of 8 people) or yourself on regular SUP boards.

Duration: About 3 – 4 hours, of which about 1.5 hour of SUP riding.

Location: We gather at Frösö Park

Price: 790 SEK / person (at least 8 persons)

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”Mästarnas Mästare” The Champion of Champions

Maybe you have seen the original show on television and you obviously want to know who is the champion of champions in your friend group. Our version of the show is a really fun and challenging activity where lots of talents are put to the test. We will test strength, endurance, speed and cleverness. These skills will be tested in activities such as 90 degrees wall sit,  shooting range, giant puzzles and of course the night duel. We can do all of these activities wherever you would like or just outside Frösö Park Hotel. Challenge yourself or your friends in the classic show The Champion of Champions.

Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours in total

Location: Frösö Park Hotel or at your liking

Price: 495 SEK / person (at least 8 persons)

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Ice sculpturing

In our ice sculpture package for stag/hen party we start with a competition where we decide on a theme, divide the group into teams where each team is assigned a kit with tools and a larger block of crystal clear ice. During the following hour, the team will then agree on how the sculpture should look, create the artwork and have it judged by a jury/guide.

After the competition, each participant is assigned a smaller ice block as well as a special tool to create their own drink glass for about 20 minutes, which you then toast with and drink an ice cold drink (guests bring their own drinks).

Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours

Location: Can be arranged anywhere

Price: 590 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

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Creative Challenge

Do Creative missions with smartphones at Frösö Park. If you want to get to know the area and each other better, Frösö Park Creative Challenge is the optimal activity for you. With our own developed and easy to use App for android phones, you solve various creative assignments around the area which is linked to multiple GPS points.

You move on foot and you will find everything from fun and educational questions to photo assignments and other puzzles. Additionally a strategy is required when competing against the other teams. The team with the best strategy, most creativity and knowledge usually wins the contest. We also offer variants with “geocaching” of GPS points in the area or with customized assignments linked to QR codes that can be performed at Frösö Park Hotel.

Duration: Playtime 30min – 2 hours

Other: Suitable for most groups

Own equipment: Feel free to use your own android phones

Location: Frösö Park activity center

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Bumperball Football

Bumperball is a completely new and different ball sport than you have ever tried before and we guarantee that it will attract a lot of laughter from both competitors and audience. With a bumperball like an “airbag” around the upper body you get the chance to tackle the bride/groom and friends in a tough and brutal yet harmless way.

During our football tournament you will experience speed, laughter and rough matches. If you take a camera with you to the activity, you will be able to show a lot of funny pictures at the wedding. Our most common and popular setup is that we play a football tournament consisting of 5 minute matches (we promise it will be enough) and after the tournament we usually end with putting the bride/groom in the middle and making a giant joint tackle.

This is included in our football tournament setup:

  • Instructor/Referee
  • Football, team vests and goal cages
  • 10-12 bumperballs
  • Tournament setup (with semi-finals, final and so on depending on number of teams)
  • Up to 2 hours of playtime

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Location: Frösö Park

Price: 450 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

Book or contact us for more info

Bulls Eye

A traditional pentathlon with games such as axe throwing, archery, blowgun, slingshot and knife throwing which determines who is the group´s foremost athlete. After the competition and the award ceremony you can visit the spa at Frösö Park Hotel. A classic activity for the stag/hen party.

Duration: Approximately 2.5 – 3 hours in total

Location: Frösö Park Hotel (the games can be arranged in other locations)

Price: 590 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

Book or contact us for more info

Archery Combat

Archery Combat or Archery Tag, which the sport is also called, is a new and fun team activity that can be compared to a mixture of paintball and dodgeball where instead of paintball guns and balls we use bows and arrows fitted with foam rubber tips.

The game in itself is very simple and as in paintball, is based on the fact that two teams challenge each other. In Archery Combat both teams shoots arrows at each other and thereby try to win over the other team. A team wins by eliminating all their opponents, hitting the other teams goal, capturing the other teams flag and so on. Regardless of the form of play, this is a fun activity that offers speed, strategy and adrenaline.

This is included when you book Archery Combat:

  • Shooting practise
  • Instructor/Referee
  • Playfield with obstacles/protection
  • Bows, arrows and face protection
  • Different game modes
  • Up to 2 hours of playtime

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours

Location: Frösö Park

Price: 450 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

Book or contact us for more info

Water ball in a ”mankini”

Exposing the bride or groom to a different adventure is must at the stag/hen party. To further add a memorable dimension, we recommend that the groom wears a so called “mankini”. This experience is part of several of our packages, but can also be purchased separately and combined with other optional activities.

Duration: Approximately 30 minutes in total (max 5 minutes in the ball)

Location: Can be arranged in different waterways or in pools

Price: Starting cost 1500 SEK for one person, then 150 SEK / person in addition that would like to try

Other: The activity is dependable on the weather.

Book or contact us for more info

Ultimate Frösö Park

A full day packed with activities and experiences! For example we will start with Archery Combat, Bulls Eye or Stand Up Paddleboard. After lunch you choose either the activity Zorbing or the speedy activity Bumperball and end with the bride/groom in a water ball (you are also offered to run in the ball with a mankini).

This is the ultimate arrangement for the stag/hen party! After the activities we recommend finishing the day with a hot spa at Frösö Park Hotel.

Duration: Full day

Location: Frösö Park

Price: 990 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

Book or contact us for more info

Roll and Relax

In Roll and Relax you start by rolling in the Zorb or playing Bumperball. After the activity, we move on to the Spa at Frösö Park Hotel where you get entry to the bath/sauna world. If you wish, you can also add an extra treatment for the bride/groom who can enjoy a wonderful treatment.

Duration: 2 – 3 hours

Location: Frösö Park

Price: Contact us for the current price (at least 8 people)

Book or contact us for more info