Private groups

Snow Quad Safari

Take your colleagues out in the wilderness and try something new this winter! With our Snow Quads (quad bikes equipped with a snowmobile track) we travel comfortably through the winter landscape and enjoy the scenery, the views and the community. Of course, we stop for a lovely outback-picnic (or outdoor lunch) during the tour. In larger groups or if someone in the company doesn´t want to drive by their selves, we can connect comfortable sleds behind our Snow Quads and then everyone can come along on the adventure. In addition to the driving itself, the focus is equally on having a nice time together. Helmets are included and warm clothes, gloves and snowmobile boots are available for rent on site. To be able to drive yourself on the snow quad, a B – license (driving license) is required.

Duration: Approx. 1.5 – 2 hours

Other: Coffee is included. This activity fits most groups

Own equipment: Suitable warm clothing depending on weather conditions. (Snowmobile overalls, boots and gloves can be rented.

Location: Hotel Åre Continental Inn

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Östersund Gastronomy Walk

Come along on a gastronomic snowshoe tour through a fantastic winter landscape and in a climate where flavors, smell and temperatures will be experienced in a new and unique way.

During our tour we will have three different stops with various themes where you will be offered different local delicacies from the region such as locally produced soups, bread, cheese, mulled wine and chocolate.

The ingredients offered during the tour will vary slightly during the season, but usually our guides will always tell an interesting story about the products we eat as well as the local producers who refined them.

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Other: The distance we will go is approx. 1.5 km long, so most people can join

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather and terrainshoes.

Location: The starting point is Copperhill Mountain Lodge

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Sled-Track Åre Race Park

Centrally located in both Åre village and the Åre ski system is the 800 meters long sled-track. Here you can compete in both traditional sledding and with newer rides such as Zibobs or Scorpionracers and we offer a number of arrangements with either free riding or organized competitions. We go upp the hill by riding Bergbanan (Åre´s oldest lift) and that in itself is an experience.

Duration: 30 minutes – 2 hours

Other: Suitable for most groups

Own equipment: Please use your own helmet

Location: The sled-track in Åre

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Ice Climbing

The feeling is magical when you, by the help of crampons and ice axes, climb your way up the ice clad rock wall. The reward of reaching the top and enjoying the view of snow-covered scenery is, if possible, even more satisfactory. We mostly ice climb at Frösö-mountain.

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Gastronomic Cableway-Ride

Join us up among the clouds trough Åres cableway and enjoy the wonderful tastes, beautiful scenery and interesting stories about Åre and the locally produced delicacies we test during the tour. During the gastronomic cableway-ride, our local guide will bring you on an easily accessible adventure to the top of Åre-mountain where you will witness the realm of tastes and winter. In this activity, everyone can participate, regardless of physical fitness. Some of the taste samples have Sami elements (so be prepared to taste something you probably haven´t tried before) and maybe we can guide you to some place where the tourists usually don´t have access to. At the top of the mountain we also do a short “try out” trip with snowshoes, which is adapted to prevailing weather conditions and the group´s condition.

Duration: Approx. 90 minutes

Other: Suitable for most groups. Lift passes included. NOTE: if the cableway is not operational for any reason at the time of the activity, the cableway is replaced primarily with the VM8 and the alternative Bergbanan.

Own equipment: Warm clothes, shoes, hat and mittens

Location: We gather at the cableways base station

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We connect our “megatubes” (big rubber rings with a plastic bottom) with a rope behind a snowmobile or quad bike. Then you will travel across the ice at full speed where the megatube is swinging and jumping. There will be a lot of laughter and snow splashes while you feel the G-forces. Each team will get a tour for a few minutes and then we change passengers in the megatubes. A great activity to stretch your legs with or used as a different transportation over the ice, can be combined with other activities and lunch/coffee.

Duration: 15-60 minutes

Other: This activity depends on the amount of “loose snow” on the ice

Own equipment: Suitable clothing, possibly your own helmets

Location: Various lake ices, for example Lake Storsjön, Fålatjärn etc.

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Long-Distance Skating

Join us for a wonderful long-distance ice skating tour where we take the opportunity to enjoy the archipelago of Jämtland and its beautiful views. It is relatively easy to learn long-distance skating and we offer everything from beginner tours to longer guided tours on larger lakes. Östersund and Storsjön is an excellent area for long-distance skating. You will often find skatable ice from October to December.

Duration: About 2 hours

Other: Combine with a cup of coffee outdoor

Own equipment: Suitable clothes depending on weather conditions and boots that reach over the ankles

Location: Locations vary depending on the ice situation

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Ice-bar for events and kickoffs

We will build our ice-bars at your desired location and in the desired size where there is also the possibility of placing logos, products, messages etc. inside the bar or in free standing ice blocks. A bar of ice, made of the crystal clear mountain water from Åre, is guaranteed to create a lasting impression among employees, customers and other visitors. We also provide lighting of the ice-bars for extra effect.

Duration: Our ice-bars can be used for one evening or several weeks

Other: Can also be built up indoors. Combine this ice-bar with the activity “make your own drinking glass”

Location: Can be arranged anywhere

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Crazy Wintergames

Bring back your childhood mind and spice up with some competition, that is the concept of the fun games of Östersund Crazy Wintergames. We adapt according to group and you decide for yourself where the emphasis should be on the scale between fun and contest. It is often the simplest games that are most fun and we focus on that. With us everyone can join in and have fun in the snow! Examples of multiple games are alpine bowling, alpine curling, mini-biathlon, sled race, snowracer race, snowball war, snowsurfing, snow golf, avalanche search, bum sled and snowshoe. The competitions can either be individual or team based.

Duration: About 1 – 2 hours for a triathlon or a pentathlon

Other: Suitable for most groups, no prior knowledge required

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions

Location: Frösö Park activity center

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We offer a variety of arrangements with everything from regular cars with event-tires to exclusive cars of different brands. This driving experience can be arranged at various locations, such as Lake Storsjön with walking distance from Frösö Park activity center or Fålatjärn on Rödön. We also have the opportunity to drive at the Frösö Park Driving Experience Arena in connection with Quality Hotel Frösö Park.

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