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Östersund Gastronomy Walk

Come along on a gastronomic snowshoe tour through a fantastic winter landscape and in a climate where flavors, smell and temperatures will be experienced in a new and unique way.

During our tour we will have three different stops with various themes where you will be offered different local delicacies from the region such as locally produced soups, bread, cheese, mulled wine and chocolate.

The ingredients offered during the tour will vary slightly during the season, but usually our guides will always tell an interesting story about the products we eat as well as the local producers who refined them.

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Other: The distance we will go is approx. 1.5 km long, so most people can join

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather and terrainshoes.

Location: The starting point is Copperhill Mountain Lodge

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Frösö Park Creative Challenge

Try some creative assignments with smartphones at Frösö Park. If you want to get to know the area and each other better, Frösö Park Creative Challenge is the perfect activity for you. With our own developed and easy to use App for android phones, you solve various creative missions around the area, which are linked to different GPS points. You move on foot and you will find everything from fun and educational questions to photo assignments and other puzzles. To gain points, a strategy is required when competing against the other teams. The team with the best strategy, most creativity and knowledge usually takes the victory. We can also offer other types of “geocaching” in the area with GPS points or a customized challenge to your liking that can be arranged inside Quality Hotel Frösö Park.

Duration: Playtime 30 minutes – 2 hours

Other: Suitable for most groups

Own equipment: Feel free to use your own android phones

Location: Frösö Park activity center

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Bumperball Football

Bumperball is a completely new and different ball sport than you have ever tried before and we guarantee that it will attract a lot of laughter from both competitors and audience. With a bumperball like an “airbag” around the upper body you get the chance to tackle the bride/groom and friends in a tough and brutal yet harmless way.

During our football tournament you will experience speed, laughter and rough matches. If you take a camera with you to the activity, you will be able to show a lot of funny pictures at the wedding. Our most common and popular setup is that we play a football tournament consisting of 5 minute matches (we promise it will be enough) and after the tournament we usually end with putting the bride/groom in the middle and making a giant joint tackle.

This is included in our football tournament setup:

  • Instructor/Referee
  • Football, team vests and goal cages
  • 10-12 bumperballs
  • Tournament setup (with semi-finals, final and so on depending on number of teams)
  • Up to 2 hours of playtime

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Location: Frösö Park

Price: 450 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

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Mountain Hiking

Let us take you on a hike in the beautiful Jämtland-mountains! Our mountain guides will tell you about the culture, plant- and animal life while enjoying a nice hike in scenic surroundings. We offer everything from relaxing hikes to tough hikes. If you want you could try our “Walk and Talk” with planned stops along the way where you get different topics to discuss after the trip.

Duration: From 1 hours to several days.

Other: Combine the trip with a lift transport, coffee or lunch out in the wild.

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on the weather and terrain shoes.

Location: Different locations depending on your preference

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