Conference groups – Winter

Snow Fun Racers

Feel the adrenaline when you´re flying through the snow-covered forest in one of our Snow Fun Racers snowmobiles. This activity will really boost your pulse and suits most people in the group. Our Snow Fun Racers are incredibly entertaining and easy to learn for both beginners and the experienced. With our timekeeping-system we can accurately see who holds the fastest lap time and end time. We offer three different arrangements depending on what is best for the group.

We have, among other things, Snow Fun Competition where you challenge yourself and your colleagues/friends in a race about who is the fastest around the track. We also have Snow Fun “Le Mans” where you work in teams of 5 people and challenge the other teams about which team that can finish as many laps as possible in 1 hour. The endurance among the group is put to the test and it is important to create a strong cohesion in the team. We can also offer a peaceful trip down to the lake where we drink some coffee and enjoy the nature and arctic climate of Jämtland.

Feel free to combine this activity with outdoor coffee.

Duration: 1 – 2 hours, about 1 hour for race setup and 1 – 3 hours for a peaceful ride on the lake

Other: Snowmobile helmets and clothing are available

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather

Location: Frösö Park, can also be arranged at other places based on requests

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”Spark” Safari on Lake Storsjön

Silently gliding around on a “spark” over the ice of Storsjön is a wonderful feeling that pretty much anyone can try. “Sparken” (the kick) is a Swedish invention with a history over 150 years and the idea is as simple as it is brilliant. You simply kick one foot forward while the other foot rests on one of the kicks joints.

If someone in the group doesn’t want to kick himself, he can be pushed by at the front of the “kicks” seat. During our tours we offer coffee and all participants are equipped with crampons under the feet and ice studs around the neck. The guide also has throwing ropes for extra safety.

Duration: About 60 – 90 minutes

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions and warm shoes

Location: Arranged out on the lake ice

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Snowbiking is a combination of cycling and skiing. Regardless of whether the group has no previous experience of downhill skiing or if the whole group are experienced skiers, you will enjoy this activity to the max. We will teach you the basics and organize either a competition or a guided tour down the slopes, whichever suits the group needs. This activity can be arranged in several different locations and also during the evening where you will have the help of headlamps. Learning how to snowbike is much easier than downhill skiing.

Duration: 2 hours for a guided tour or 30 minutes for a race

Other: Guide, snowbike and foot skis are included

Own equipment: Boots, helmet and lift pass (this can also be rented on site). Ski clothes are recommended

Location: Different locations depending on group

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We will provide a square snow block over 1m2 that has been frozen during the night. To your help you´ll get a toolbox with saws, knives, spoons and some other tools that might help to shape your snow block. You (or we) will decide on a theme and then the winner is selected by our jury (or an internal vote). The judging will be based on aesthetics, creativity and details.

Duration: About 1 – 2 hours / sculpture

Other: Combine this with a coffee break

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions

Location: This activity is completely mobile

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With snowshoes on our feet, we embark on a cozy hike through the silenced wilderness. We will walk between snowy spruces and our knowledgeable guide will tell us about the different tracks in the snow and the history of Östersund. This is an activity for those that want to experience the silence of the wild and get away from the stress for a while. This activity also works as an evening activity with the help of torches or headlamps. Combine this activity with “kolbulle” cooking outdoors.

Duration: About 2 hours + transport

Other: Snowshoes and rods are included

Own equipment: Suitable clothing depending on weather conditions

Location: Different locations depending on group

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Northern Light Adventure

A perfect evening event during the conference where colleagues can take part in an unforgettable experience in the exotic winter night, with the chance to see the magically dancing northern lights. We will walk a short distance (about 2km, so everyone can join) in the dark with headlamps and snowshoes. We start the tour from a place where the conditions are good to see the northern lights. In addition to the snowshoe walk itself, the tour also includes coffee (cooked over open fire depending on weather conditions) and the guide goes through basic knowledge and theory about the natural phenomenon Aurora Borealis and how to best capture the northern lights with a camera. This experience is combined with the benefit of a wonderful dinner at Quality Hotel Frösö Park. Warm clothes and shoes are available for rent.

Duration: 15 – 45 minutes

Other: Perfect as an indoor activity if the weather is poor

Own equipment: Possibly your own smartphones

Location: Can be arranged anywhere

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Meet and feed the moose

Come along to Orrviken and the land of the moose! We will take on a hike into the moose enclosure and here we have the opportunity to meet the proud and tame moose, also called the “king of the forest”. You will have the ability to feed the moose directly from your hand. In connection to the moose enclosure, we enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours + 20 minutes transportation

Other: Suitable for most groups and we can also arrange transportation by snowmobile/sled to the enclosure

Own equipment: Suitable clothes depending on weather conditions and terrain shoes

Location: The moose enclosure is located in Orrviken, about 20 minutes from Frösö Park activity center

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We connect our “megatubes” (big rubber rings with a plastic bottom) with a rope behind a snowmobile or quad bike. Then you will travel across the ice at full speed where the megatube is swinging and jumping. There will be a lot of laughter and snow splashes while you feel the G-forces. Each team will get a tour for a few minutes and then we change passengers in the megatubes. A great activity to stretch your legs with or used as a different transportation over the ice, can be combined with other activities and lunch/coffee.

Duration: 15-60 minutes

Other: This activity depends on the amount of “loose snow” on the ice

Own equipment: Suitable clothing, possibly your own helmets

Location: Various lake ices, for example Lake Storsjön, Fålatjärn etc.

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Long-Distance Skating

Join us for a wonderful long-distance ice skating tour where we take the opportunity to enjoy the archipelago of Jämtland and its beautiful views. It is relatively easy to learn long-distance skating and we offer everything from beginner tours to longer guided tours on larger lakes. Östersund and Storsjön is an excellent area for long-distance skating. You will often find skatable ice from October to December.

Duration: About 2 hours

Other: Combine with a cup of coffee outdoor

Own equipment: Suitable clothes depending on weather conditions and boots that reach over the ankles

Location: Locations vary depending on the ice situation

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Ice-bar for events and kickoffs

We will build our ice-bars at your desired location and in the desired size where there is also the possibility of placing logos, products, messages etc. inside the bar or in free standing ice blocks. A bar of ice, made of the crystal clear mountain water from Åre, is guaranteed to create a lasting impression among employees, customers and other visitors. We also provide lighting of the ice-bars for extra effect.

Duration: Our ice-bars can be used for one evening or several weeks

Other: Can also be built up indoors. Combine this ice-bar with the activity “make your own drinking glass”

Location: Can be arranged anywhere

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