Bumperball Football

Bumperball is a completely new and different ball sport than you have ever tried before and we guarantee that it will attract a lot of laughter from both competitors and audience. With a bumperball like an “airbag” around the upper body you get the chance to tackle the bride/groom and friends in a tough and brutal yet harmless way.

During our football tournament you will experience speed, laughter and rough matches. If you take a camera with you to the activity, you will be able to show a lot of funny pictures at the wedding. Our most common and popular setup is that we play a football tournament consisting of 5 minute matches (we promise it will be enough) and after the tournament we usually end with putting the bride/groom in the middle and making a giant joint tackle.

This is included in our football tournament setup:

  • Instructor/Referee
  • Football, team vests and goal cages
  • 10-12 bumperballs
  • Tournament setup (with semi-finals, final and so on depending on number of teams)
  • Up to 2 hours of playtime

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Location: Frösö Park

Price: 450 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

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