Archery Combat

Archery Combat or Archery Tag, which the sport is also called, is a new and fun team activity that can be compared to a mixture of paintball and dodgeball where instead of paintball guns and balls we use bows and arrows fitted with foam rubber tips.

The game in itself is very simple and as in paintball, is based on the fact that two teams challenge each other. In Archery Combat both teams shoots arrows at each other and thereby try to win over the other team. A team wins by eliminating all their opponents, hitting the other teams goal, capturing the other teams flag and so on. Regardless of the form of play, this is a fun activity that offers speed, strategy and adrenaline.

This is included when you book Archery Combat:

  • Shooting practise
  • Instructor/Referee
  • Playfield with obstacles/protection
  • Bows, arrows and face protection
  • Different game modes
  • Up to 2 hours of playtime

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hours

Location: Frösö Park

Price: 450 SEK / person (at least 8 people)

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